April 3, 2009 alan

The Custard Factory Ducks

As many of you may know, our studio is located at the Custard Factory in Birmingham and overlooks a manmade pool in the centre of the complex. Often this pool is drained to make way for big dance events on the weekend but usually it’s full of water and has a fountain in the middle. This week however it has been home to some other guests… Ducks!

This may seem fairly uninteresting to anyone who doesn’t know the Custard Factory but to those that do, and particularly those that are based here, these ducks are somewhat unusual visitors. To my knowledge the pool has never had ducks on it before. 

People have been mentioning them on Facebook, tweeting about them on Twitter and some have been asking for photographic proof. I feel I’d be shirking my responsibilities if I didn’t oblige…

There’s our studio in the background…

I quite like having them out there but I have a feeling they won’t be staying for the hardcore rave coming up this weekend!

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  1. I resisted temptation to respond with a photo-shopped picture of the ducks with glow sticks. There should be some kind of CFPD (Custard Factory Preservation of Ducks) – I hope they stick around.

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