July 27, 2015 Steve Gerrard

Lake Como Wedding


So, here’s a wedding I’ve been looking forward to ever since they booked me. I have a feeling you’ll see why…

A few years ago I had to turn down a wedding in Lake Como, Italy because I was already booked for a wedding in Birmingham. Nothing against Birmingham but I was a little gutted.

Fast forward to 2015 and I’m jumping on a plane for Milan where I was met at the airport by the ridiculously lovely Elisha & Simon. We drove the winding roads towards Lake Como and checked into the gorgeous Relais villa right on the water. This was my home for 3 nights. Not too shabby!

The ceremony itself took place at the majestic Villa Carlotta which is so picturesque I could’ve shot there all day long. We then jumped aboard a boat and headed back to The Relais for drinks, amazing food and plenty of laughs thanks to a great crowd of guests.

My whole stay was fantastic and I came away with a new bunch of friends and some great memories.

Massive thanks to Elisha & Simon for having me along to such a fantastic wedding. Loved it!

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Comments (14)

  1. Rhiannon

    These are just incredible Steve. Where would you even begin to choose what went on your wall?!

  2. Ashlea

    The perfect day was captured in such a beautiful way. These pictures reflect a day of happy memories & true love xxx

  3. Holy crap! What a venue. What a couple. Stunning through and through. And clearly a good laugh too. Looks incredible. Some of your best work, mister! x

  4. Love this collection, what a fab venue and the way you have captured their day is flippin’ lovely ! Very Special, very special indeed !

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