January 30, 2009 alan

Bali Baby!

I’ve been in Bali since Monday and, despite thinking I was going to have a ton of time to myself, my host, Jimi, has been making sure I make the most of my stay. He refuses to let me pay for anything and has driven me around the island, taken me out for dinner every day and generally been the best host you can imagine.

Here’s the view as I arrived at the airport.

And here’s Jimi (on the right).

This is my third time visiting Bali and it really is a beautiful island with so much history. I made time to go scuba diving on Tuesday, which was amazing, and Jimi made sure I got out to places worthy of taking my camera. Here are a few images of this fantastic island…

My hotel 🙂

Despite finding a dead frog in my room on Wednesday morning, this was a lovely, relaxing place to stay. That’s my room…

I’m not really a big “beach person” but we did venture down to a bar for lunch with this view…

Yesterday we headed out into the centre of Bali to have lunch in Ubud and say hi to the wild monkeys..

Some of the views are breathtaking..

These images were from one of the ancient burial sites. By the time we arrived it was raining heavily so we had the place to ourselves.

Hey ladies, pay attention!

Man in a skirt!!! (I had to wear it, sorry!)

Ladies and gentlemen, we have discovered proof that metal music existed before Black Sabbath and Iron Butterfly. Check out this statue’s hand!

And finally, the real reason I’m here… to DJ.

It’s somewhat surreal to see yourself like this. One of the busiest junctions in Bali… Don’t laugh!

So, just one weekend left and then I head home to my very pregnant wife and my little boy who I’m missing like crazy! If you’ve never been to Bali, I highly recommend it. I’ve even got a bit of a tan!

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  1. Steve! I am coveting your trip A LOT right now! looks like so much fun! *Also, not sure if my monitor is just doing something crazy but a lot of your photos look stretched vertically on the blog. just thought you might like to know but it could just be my crazy system?! These images deserve the justice to see them not stretched! they are beautiful!

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