June 13, 2008 alan

Anarchy in Birmingham

In one week I have gone from photographing Liza Minelli to shooting the Sex Pistols!! In fact I was the only photographer that got to get photos from last night’s gig at Birmingham Academy. I had to shoot from the balcony but I had a great spot because…. are you ready for this??!!…. I was the warm-up DJ at the gig!

Ok, let’s backtrack 31 years here. When I was at school the first single I ever bought was The Sex Pistols’ “Silly Thing”. I sent my mom into town to buy it cos I was too young. I’m not sure how appropriate my mom thought it was for a little boy to be listening to the Sex Pistols but anyway… I even managed to have my mom deliver me on Sid Vicious’ 10th birthday! That’s commitment!

And here we are in 2008, all somewhat older, and, as there was no support band for the gig, I was asked to DJ before the band. I even managed to get a few singalongs from the crowd when I played The Clash and Sham 69 🙂 It wasn’t all old punk stuff though, I managed to drop in some Cancer Bats, The Bronx, Gallows and a little Jane’s Addiction too. Oh, and Frank Turner.

You can see my review of the gig on BrumLive.com but here are my fave pics from the gig…


This weekend I get to photograph another musical legend when I shoot KISS on Friday night. I’m hoping for a classic Paul Stanley or Gene Simmons image for the studio wall. Wish me luck…

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