March 13, 2012 Steve Gerrard

Ying & Allan – Pre-wedding Shoot

I love shoots like this!

Just me, a great couple and a whole day to make photos.

We started at The Custard Factory, then hit the streets of Digbeth, Kenilworth Castle, Stratford-upon-Avon and finally back to Birmingham after dark.

I’m kinda proud of this one…


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  1. Chris

    Wow just wow. Steve these are sensational shots mate, im sure you don’t need me to tell you that but what a massive range of shots from some unexpected locations! Inspirational to the rest of us!

  2. Lee

    Super nice work Steve, even recognize a few locations there 😉 The natural light shots are just sublime.

  3. Love the change of scenery and the outfit changes too! World of different looks and moods all in one day. Beautiful photos.

  4. They’re fantastic! From romance, to pretty, to super cool… they’re all so well captured. A gorgeous pre-wedding shoot 🙂

  5. John Burrows

    They look absolutely stunning Steve, the ‘wow’ factor smacks you right in the face !

    You might tell me I’m wrong, but have you changed your processing style on this set? Either way, these are shots to be proud of 🙂

    • steve

      Thanks John. I’m always tweaking my processing slightly. This wasn’t massively different from my normal style though. Still using Alien Skin and a couple of my usual actions.

  6. There’s so much gold in this thing you could open up a mine and throw a party for a very long time Steve. You just keep getting better and better. YES!

  7. Natasha

    Not that it needed confirming, but every blog you post proves we made the right choice booking you Steve! You are amazing and this particular post gives me butterflies of excitement for our day 😀

  8. John Burrows

    They look great 🙂 I’ve never even looked at Alien Skin, will have to take a peek.

    I can’t put my finger on what looks ‘different’ about them, but there’s just ‘something’ that I love about these particular shots. I actually think it might be the tonality – they look quite creamy (if that’s the word).

    They just work really well mate, Kudos !

  9. Tim

    Great work Steve. You seem to have upped your game with this set. Top class. Noticed the Alien Skin comment – are you ‘over’ VSCO?

    • steve

      Cheers Tim. I hardly use VSCO at all now. I much prefer Alien Skin as I can tweak it as much as I like and really personalise it.

  10. rhiannon

    Just stunning…love that shot of the bride on the tree!!! Amazing variation!

  11. As usual, stunning images Steve-O ! Which Alien skin Lightroom plug in are you using mate? There are a few options! I agree with previous comments, its given these images a great new edge… Gold star!

  12. I suspected as much, I have been reading up on it since writing the last post. I’m really looking forward to it…

  13. Awesome as ever Steve, and it looks like you certainly had willing subjects in Ying and Allan. From the day to the night shots all freaking cool!!

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