September 24, 2013 Steve Gerrard

One-to-One Sessions & Small Groups


“You taught me more in one day than I learned in 3 years of uni!” – Elle Coe

One-To-One sessions really are the best way to make the most of your day if you’re interested in finding out more about how I work and improving your own photography. Workshops last from 10am until 5pm and can be custom-built to cover the exact subjects you’re keen to learn more about. I also offer the option of booking by the hour.

You can choose from wedding photography, portrait photography, music photography or just photography in general.

Below is a sample of topics that we can cover during your session. We can try to cover all of them or we can focus only on the subjects you specify. Just me. And you. Sound like fun? 🙂

We also cater to small groups – from 2 to 8 people – and can again tailor workshops so that everybody gets the most from their day.

Wedding Photography

– My photography style

– How I find the right clients without spending too much money

– What’s in my bag.

– How I work on the wedding day.

– How I use natural light, off-camera flash and a little wizardry.

Live shoot. How to get a varied and creative set of images in a short space of time.

– Post-production. How I give images the look I’m after.

– Workflow – Don’t let work take over your life!

“the very best workshop I have been on” – Mark Davis

Steve Gerrard Photography

Music Photography

Music and Photography – A Brief History.
The Easy Way To Becoming a Music Photographer.
Passes and How To Get Them.
Venues. From pubs to stadiums to festivals.
Professionalism & Etiquette.
The Business of Music Photography.
Shooting Offstage.
Lighting. How I use natural light, off-camera flash and simple, portable lighting set-ups.
Live shoot. We’ll be shooting a real band and showing how to get a varied and creative set of images in a short space of time.
Post-production. I’ll download and edit some of the shots from the band shoot and show how I bring the images to life.

** Lunch will be provided **


Mondays – Fridays 10am – 5pm


Happy to come to you or host in a city convenient to all.

How much?

One-to-One sessions – Full Day: $800 (Canada) or £450 (UK)

One-to-One sessions – Per Hour: $150 (Canada) or £90 (UK)

Groups of 2 or 3 people – $500 (Canada) or £300 (UK) per person

Groups of 4 or 8 people – $350 (Canada) or £200 (UK) per person

(Please note we do not arrange groups. You bring a group of friends, colleagues or significant others)

To book a One-to-One Workshop or a Group Workshop please email for available dates.

Payments can be made by Paypal, bank transfer or cash. Contact us for details.

See you soon 🙂



Comments (6)

  1. Priya Chankkria

    Hi Steve

    I am interested in a one to one workshop but would you be able to cover wedding and music photography on one session?

    Many Thanks


    • Steve Gerrard

      Hi Priya
      One-to-one workshops can be anything you like so mixing the music and weddings is totally fine yes.

  2. Zak


    Im interested in a small group training session for me and a colleague of mine. The requirement will be for wedding photography couple shoots. Im interested in learning more about creating effects with light.

    Could you let me know how much this will cost and your availability.



  3. Good to meet you in The Four Oaks Pub on Friday 2nd April with Ruth and Kevin.
    I would be very interested in having a one on one workshop with you in the future.
    Please could you let me know available date.

  4. Hi Steve,

    I’m interested in any general photography workshops that you have available within the UK.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,


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