January 28, 2018 Steve Gerrard

Winter Wedding at Iscoyd Park

Iscoyd Park wedding photos

Gemma + Antonio

I can’t even begin to express how special these pictures and words and all they describe mean to us. Thank you again Steve – you go above and beyond and your work is a true reflection not only of your talent but that added extra care, attention and commitment that you bring.

Weddings at Iscoyd Park are always amazing. My last time at this venue was in mid-summer for Lily & Stein’s brilliant wedding at Iscoyd, which was featured on the Rock My Wedding blog. But winter weddings at Iscoyd Park are quite different.

I recently wrote a guest blog post about winter weddings for the WeddingLovely blog, noting that there are certain things about this time of year that can make planning a wedding a little more challenging. As a photographer, there is also the issue of the sun setting mid-afternoon, so natural light is limited. That mid-winter light can be pretty amazing, but once it’s gone, it’s gone!

If you’re lucky though, weddings in the winter can be pretty special, with a certain extra romance that you just don’t get in the middle of July. And Gemma & Antonio had the perfect winter wedding. Blue skies, frost on the ground and one of my favourite wedding venues in the UK, Iscoyd Park. The ceremony took place in the cutest little church in the countryside, with a vicar who made things fun and all about the fact that Gemma & Antonio had found each other and brought everyone together to celebrate that fact. And when it comes to celebrating, these two raise the bar. They know how to have a good time and so do their friends.

True story:
When I first met these guys at Kirsty & Adam’s wedding, Gemma told me she wanted me to photograph her wedding. Trouble was, Antonio hadn’t actually proposed yet! It became a little running joke. Later, I was going to photograph the UK band Bear’s Den in Montreal and found out Gemma was a huge fan. So after the gig, I asked the band to make a little video imploring Antonio to make an honest woman of Gemma. Check it out below:

I sent the video to Antonio the same night. Nothing like a little extra pressure eh?! 😉

This was a fantastic wedding for me to shoot too. Two of my previous couples were guests, and I also knew a few guests from my DJ days. I knew their amazing and lovely videographers, I knew Natalie, doing the hair. I knew Katy doing the make-up. I even knew the people doing the photo booth, and had worked previously with the florist, the band and the magician! Just one big reunion.

Speaking of reunions, Gemma & Antonio actually signed their marriage certificate way back in the spring in circumstances that could hardly be more different. They were married in Vegas, complete with “Elvis”, and I was their photographer for that wedding too!

So, it was great that some of the guests were at both weddings and we got to catch up again in the UK.

It was an absolute pleasure to have Mr Steven Rooney along with me to shoot this one. Rooney & Gerrard shooting together. Who’d have thought it?! #footballjoke

Massive thanks to Gemma & Antonio for trusting me to be their photographer for not one, but two weddings. I had an absolute blast with everyone!

I’d love to shoot more weddings at Iscoyd Park so if you’re planning a wedding there please drop me an email via the Contact Page.

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Iscoyd Park wedding pictures
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  1. So wonderful to see this published on stevegerrard.com. A fantastic team of suppliers to work with and the images are just stunning

  2. Taz

    Stunning work Steve! Like your namesake in the footballing world, your portfolio is just sheer class.

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