November 20, 2017 Steve Gerrard

Willow Inn Hudson Wedding

willow inn Hudson wedding

This Willow Inn Hudson wedding is the best! And for more than one reason.

Firstly, the Willow Inn, or Auberge Willow, is a somewhat legendary venue right on the water, filled with character and, some would tell you, a few ghosts! One of the venue staff was telling me stories about how the Willow’s resident ghost will move his clipboard if he takes his eye off it for a few minutes. Look closely at the photos below for any weird figures lurking in the background 😉

Secondly, this venue is 15 minutes from where we live and this was my first time shooting a wedding there. After travelling the world for weddings it’s sometimes nice to know you can be home in no time at the end of the day. We regularly visit Hudson with our kids. It’s a lovely, picturesque little town and has some great events throughout the year, including the Christmas parade.

Thirdly, there’s Shelley and Andrew. Not only are they two of the coolest and laid-back people I’ve hung out with but Shelley is also a wedding photographer herself. It’s always a huge honour when a wedding photographer chooses me to shoot their wedding and I never take such a huge compliment for granted. Oh yeah, and Andrew is a fellow Pearl Jam fanatic so we got on instantly!

The morning began at Shelley’s family home in Hudson where the girls were getting ready. Later I met the boys down near the Willow before heading over by the water ready for their outdoor wedding ceremony.

As you’ll see from the photos, this was a relaxed day full of smiles. We did a few photos down near the water before and after the ceremony, and even had the amazing rainbow you see in the photo above.

Big thanks to Shelley & Andrew for trusting me to capture their day for them. And no, I never saw any ghosts!

If you’re planning a wedding at Auberge Willow in Hudson and looking for Montreal wedding photographers, I’d love to hear from you so please drop me an email.

auberge Willow Wedding photos

Willow Inn Hudson

auberge Willow Weddings

Willow Inn Hudson Wedding Photos

Willow Inn Hudson Wedding photography

Willow Inn Hudson Wedding Photo

Willow Inn Hudson Wedding Photographer

auberge Willow Wedding

auberge willow inn Hudson wedding

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