November 2, 2010 Steve Gerrard

Emma & Neil – A Wedding at The Old School House Restaurant, Weeford

We still have some amazing weddings from the summer waiting to hit the blog and here’s one of my faves.. Emma & Neil.

Apart from being the tallest couple we’ve photographed, they’re also one of the nicest. I knew their wedding was gonna be fantastic and they didn’t let me down at all.

Their ceremony was held at St Paul’s Church right in Birmingham city centre and later they headed out to The Old School House Restaurant in Weeford, a great venue with the most amazing food. I’m taking Evelyne there for dinner some time soon.

Ok, how cute are these guys?! They handed out flowers to all the ladies as they walked down the aisle…

Emma & Neil hired a VW camper and their own little Herbie VW Beetle. Too cool!

Bride on a slide!

Their bad was The White Keys and they were easily one of the best wedding bands we’ve seen. We’ve added them to our recommended suppliers.

Bride on the drums!! (And yes, Emma really is a drummer)

Coolest bridesmaids photo ever. Fact.

I’m sure you can tell this was a fun wedding. Emma & Neil make a great couple and we’re really thankful they chose us to photograph their wedding day. Congrats guys 🙂

Did i mention they were tall?!

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Comments (5)

  1. Emma

    love it! thank-you! It was lovely having you both there (got to be the only wedding i’ve known when the acenice photographer was mentioned as much as other stuff!). Very glad we found you! : )

  2. Wow awesome photos Steve! This was a great wedding we loves it the most colourful one we have attended too. Herbie and Otis loved their wedding ribbon colours.
    Emma and Neil are lovely people and we wish them all the best for their life together.

    The photo of the page boys is fantastic by the way. I wont forget those kids in a hurry they were hillarious, great characters.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Amy

    Gorgeous photos. Love the couple, especially the blow up slide and fun colours. Also as a fellow VW owner gotta love the motors. x

  4. Jen

    WOW WOW WOW!! Amazing photo’s capturing a wonderful day! You must be well chuffed with those!!!!

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