February 7, 2013 Steve Gerrard

Becki & Leighton – A Wedding at Cowley Manor, The Cotswolds


If I could only shoot at one wedding venue from now on, I’d probably choose¬†Cowley Manor!

Becky & Leighton’s wedding was everything we hope a wedding will be.. and more.

Good to have Woz along again as my 2nd shooter.

Thanks so much to Becki & Leighton for having us document this brilliant day for them and for being superstar clients.

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Check out my talented friend, Simon Clarke’s video from the day below…



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Comments (7)

  1. Loved Becki + Leighton when I met them on one of your workshops Steve. They look so happy on their wedding day and awesome pics as always buddy.

  2. Becki

    Thank you so much Steve (and Simon!) We have loved looking back on these. Will NEVER get bored of looking at our stunning photographs and video. X

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