February 2, 2014 Steve Gerrard

Lea + Dave – A Wedding at Shustoke Barns


It’s always cool to shoot weddings at new venues. And when that venue is brand new and virtually on our doorstep, like Shustoke Barns, I’m even more excited to see what we have to play with.

Lea & Dave made this wedding an absolute joy! They were so laid back about everything and their wedding was all about having fun with their family and mates.

Around the time of the wedding breakfast I went out to my car to drop something off and, as I turned back towards their venue, was greeted by a perfect rainbow right over Shustoke Barns. I ran in and grabbed Lea & Dave and we ended up with the photo above.

We always stay for the party and this was one I wouldn’t have wanted to miss. And Lea & Dave even chose a song I played them in our studio for their first dance. Bonus points! And they also chose the epic Plastic Pantomime as their band 🙂

Thanks to Lea & Dave for inviting me along to such a great, fun wedding. Loved it!

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