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Wedding Photography Styles

Various Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding photography is an integral part of any wedding. Its importance is highlighted by the very fact that while the moments of the day fade even from the couples’ memories, photographs can bring them all back by a mere glance at them. Understanding and appreciating its high emotional quotient, a lot of time and money is spent on selecting the right photographer. Next comes selecting the style of photography which can be confusing for many simply because they do not understand the various styles. Moreover the digital revolution has given it a whole new dimension. Today wedding photographs are not only beautiful and stunning but they also capture the wedding in an artistic and narrative manner. Let’s browse through some of the popular wedding photography styles:-

Traditional wedding photography
This is the age old style that everyone is familiar with. Timeless and classical, this style is characterized by formal or informal poses of both parties. Images are usually highly posed with stiff statures. More often than not, it includes props but the outcome comes across as staged. This style is more popular with older generations and is fast becoming obsolete. But many modern photographers are successfully blending it with modern elements to produce timeless wedding photographs.

Retro wedding photography
Even though technology and modern culture has advanced tremendously, retro photography attracts a number of people, mainly because of its unique warmth and charm. Its nostalgia flavour appeals to many. This type of wedding photograph is highly dependent on the skill and expertise of the photographer. The photographer may use film cameras to achieve the authentic look. Hence if one opts for this style, its best to verify the experience of the photographer and examine his portfolio before agreeing. It utilizes black and white pictures, lighting and camera settings and many other settings to yield tremendously beautiful and aesthetically pleasing retro/vintage photographs.

Reportage wedding photography
This style remains a hot favourite because of its natural and casual approach. Lacking any excessive staging, the wedding photographer here adopts a hands off approach and almost remains invisible. He records and captures the moments as they spontaneously occur, without forcing any particular theme. It allows immense freedom of movement to the bride and groom and captures a candid recording of the wedding. Filled with numerous unusual shots, this type of photography requires great skill and presence of mind from the photographer to anticipate the next moment and capture it before it disappears.

Contemporary wedding photography
This is a very informal and relaxed approached to wedding photography. Mixed with abundant spontaneity, the style cuts somewhat between traditional style and the reportage style. It captures the essence of fun and requires minimal posing. Here the photographer makes interesting use of locations and settings to create something special and unique. Without intervening, the photographer creates stylish images. It also includes dynamic portraits which have the feel of being unposed, although, to an extent, they are.

Final thoughts
Apart from these major styles, numerous other modern styles like Portraiture, Quirky etc are available which any to be wedded couple can decide upon. Make sure you choose a style of wedding photography that fits with your personality and will capture your wedding day in the way you prefer.

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