September 12, 2018 Steve Gerrard

A Wedding at La Scena in Old Montreal

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Oh Steve – you superstar! Thank you so much for these glorious photos! You have such talent – we are so happy with the result

The last wedding at La Scena that I photographed was one of my favourites since moving to Montreal, so I was really looking forward to being back at this fantastic wedding venue for Sara & Christopher’s big day.

The day began for me at the couple’s home close to the centre of Montreal where Chris and the boys were hanging out together and getting ready for the day ahead. There were a few rain showers but the forecast for later in the day was looking to be on our side.

After leaving the boys I headed to the hotel where Sara, her mom and her girlfriends were having hair and makeup done as well as indulging in some good food and a little champagne. The room was perfect for photographing in – plenty of space, mirrors and large windows. When I left for the venue I even spotted Wayne Rooney in the lobby!

From there it was down to the Old Port of Montreal and on to La Scena for the main event. Scena is also blessed with huge windows and plenty of light, which makes it so much better than most venues in the Old Port when it comes to capturing the kind of wedding photos I strive for. It has an industrial vibe yet still manages to feel elegant and very contemporary.

The wedding ceremony was held upstairs in the long room before everyone gathered for cocktails on the patio area. We did a few group photos there before heading out for a little wander for portraits of Sara & Chris. By now it was a warm, summer day and there were hundreds of tourists around. Chris wasn’t enjoying the crowds so we made our way towards the waterfront where it wasn’t quite so busy. The light was fantastic too.

Back inside Scena it was time for food, drink, speeches and general merriment. The couple had the genius idea of turning the ceremony room upstairs into a makeshift creche for the kids while the adults enjoyed their meals. At one point I went up to check what the kids were up to and they were reenacting the wedding ceremony as a game. It was such a cute moment I would have missed if I’d stayed downstairs. Check the photos below.

This was a brilliant wedding and Sara & Chris were absolute stars. I had such a great day with them and their guests. And it reinforced my belief that Scena is one of the coolest venues in Montreal.

Big thanks also to their talented wedding planners at Hera Mariages.

If you’re planning a wedding at La Scena I’d love to hear from you so please drop me an email.

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