May 8, 2012 Steve Gerrard

Kelly & Ian – A Wedding at Millers of Netley, Shrewsbury


We’re only just into May and I already know Kelly & Ian’s wedding will be one of my highlights of 2012.

They were married at Millers of Netley in Shrewsbury, which is a fantastic venue, the weather was great, their guests made me feel totally welcome, and the whole day was relaxed and totally fun!

This wedding was also unusual for me because I shot the whole day solo. No 2nd shooter. No assistants. Just me and a couple of cameras. And I have to say I loved shooting on my own for a change.

And after such a great day, I received this lovely message from Kelly’s mom…

“Steve, I already know that the end result to your art work at my daughter’s wedding will be beyond spectacular, from the moment you walked in we could all see your eye for detail, imagination and caring direction, you met all of our guest’s requests with respect and good grace. I, in all of my 52 years, coming from a very large family and therefore attending many weddings, have never seen a photographer work so hard for more than 12 hours none stop. The reason you are so successful is due to your amazing personality traits which then transfers into your amazing focus in perceiving specific differences others can’t see, thank you so much Steve I can’t praise you enough, a true and dedicated professional.”

Things like that make this job such a pleasure.

Thanks to Kelly & Murph for asking me to cover such a brilliant day.

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Comments (20)

  1. What a beautiful wedding and gorgeous couple – I love how happy they are together in each photo. Great work!

  2. Rhiannon

    Gorgeous as always! Love the shot of the blue shoes and the kids running over the tree!

  3. Ally

    You captured every beautiful, happy, sentimental, funny, whacky & romantic moment! It was a pleasure to meet you & have you photograph my crazy family!

  4. Rachel

    Fantastic photos!I don’t think I have ever seen such beautiful wedding photographs.x

  5. Kevin Murphy


    I would just like to say regarding Kelly and Ian’s wedding, I agree with every word that Kelly’s mum said at the beginning of this page, you are truly a talented man, every single photograph is stunning in its own right, and will be something for all the parents and guests to keep and remember for the rest of our days.

    I do not think we have to wish you well for the future, that, without doubt is assured.

    Thank you so much

    Ian’s Dad (Kevin)

  6. Claire

    I love the evening shot second from the end, everything about it just works perfectly.

  7. Becky

    The only real question I have is how?? Have you grown 4 extra arms?! You were all over this. Truly unreal that you didn’t have a 2nd shooter. Smashed it again Mr G. Love it and what a gorge couple!! Congrats to you all

  8. shanie

    stunning photos of my gorgeous niece and her husband love them all

  9. Your work always impresses me but this wedding is in a totally different league. I love the colours and detail. The bride and groom shots, second one in is stunning.

  10. Sherrie

    Steve – you have totally reflected and captured the day in these fantastic photos – beautiful, serious, humorous, serene, alternative and unique.

  11. Dude, Can’t believe you shot this wedding solo! To get some of those shots you had to work HARD!!! Hats off to you my friend you nailed it!

    Massive congrats to Kelly and Ian too, looks like you had a wonderful day.

  12. Janie n Nigel

    Those photographs are a master class in originality perfected! You have raised the bar with this album. What a talent. Of course it always helps when your subjects are both captivating and game for a laugh! X

  13. Hee. That looks so much fun! Clearly an awesome couple up for some unusual and uniquely brilliant wedding pics. You were so the man for the job. Huzzah! x

  14. stunning photos as always, really love your work Steve you capture a wedding perfectly, they both look so happy and will look back on these photos over and over for years to come and have that same smile they have on them photos perfect, thx for the share

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