October 21, 2010 Steve Gerrard

A Wedding at Huntstile Organic Farm Pt.2

Huntstile Organic Farm Wedding Photos

This wedding can now be found RIGHT HERE >>> HUNTSTILE ORGANIC FARM WEDDING

Huntstile Organic Farm Wedding

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Comments (20)

  1. Wow. This looks absolutely ACE Steve. Love the fine detail shots to capture the mood at the beginning. The couple look top as well – very natural and just enjoying their day as it should be.

  2. This has actually surpassed my expectations following part one – it’s like you jumped into my head and took pictures of my dream day! Awesome couple – awesome pictures…this has kicked off Friday very well!!!

  3. Such a gorgeous day you really did it soooo much justice and captured it beautifully….. Such a pretty dress as well-wish my mum had one like that!! xx

  4. WOW – I feel like I am there right now. Your work is stunning and 2 shots in particular I adore. I love the emotion you have captured at the ceremony – especially the shot where Will has placed his hand on her face and I love the shot of the girl on the stairs (part1).

  5. Too much for words, the shots are amazing, but also the kind of ceremony I’d want as well. It’s just glorious, I’m well impressed and rather jealous!

  6. Amazing, fabulous. One of the loveliest weddings I’ve seen and stunning photography. I’ve always thought you have some of the coolest couples… but now even thier Mums are cool and have the most amazing dresses…brilliant.

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