February 20, 2015 Steve Gerrard

Warwick Castle Wedding

Warwick Castle Weddings

This was our last wedding of 2014, and what a way to finish such an amazing year!

Sam + David only got engaged a few months ago but thought “why wait?!”

Their December wedding brought together all their favourite people at one of the most spectacular venues on the planet…. Warwick Castle.

And, during David’s speech, he broke the news that they’re expecting their first baby in July.

Massive congrats all round!

Winter weddings can be a challenge for a photographer. Not only is it cold, so nobody wants to spend much time outside, but it goes dark before 4pm, meaning almost all the photography involves unnatural lighting conditions. We used video lights, speedlights and any other light we could find around the castle. I enjoy the challenge of thinking a little differently and I think we came away with some truly unique images as a result.

Thanks to Sam and Dave for trusting me to cover their day for them. And thanks also to my good mate Lee Allen for bringing his skills to the table as my 2nd shooter.

2015-02-20_0008 2015-02-20_0009 2015-02-20_0010 2015-02-20_0011 2015-02-20_0012 2015-02-20_0013 2015-02-20_0014 2015-02-20_0015 2015-02-20_0016 2015-02-20_0017 2015-02-20_0018 2015-02-20_0019 2015-02-20_0020 Warwick Castle Wedding Photos 2015-02-20_0022 Warwick Castle Wedding Photography 2015-02-20_0024 2015-02-20_0025 2015-02-20_0026 2015-02-20_0027 Warwick Castle Wedding Photographers Warwick Castle Wedding Photographer Wedding Photography Warwick Castle 2015-02-20_0031 Wedding Photographers Warwick Castle wedding photographers warwickshire 2015-02-20_0034 2015-02-20_0035 2015-02-20_0036 2015-02-20_0037




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