November 17, 2011 Steve Gerrard

VSCO Film – My First Test


These photos of my boys are the first images to ever appear on my blog which have never been opened in Photoshop.

This week saw the launch of a much talked about film emulator for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw called VSCO Film

I’ve hardly had two minutes to really play with it yet but I quickly ran these images through Lightroom and with just two clicks using VSCO Film these are the results.

I have to say I’m impressed, and I know I’ve hardly scratched the surface with it yet. Hopefully I’ll have time to play a little more soon and I’ll post more examples, including some black & whites, right here.

It could help speed up my post-production workflow but I can’t see me ditching Photoshop altogether just yet…

I edited 41 images, including these, in less than 5 minutes.

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  1. These look amazing! I am really thinking about getting this.. just trying to work out whether to get the ACR or Lightroom version – which film effect did you choose for these?

  2. Great work Steve, I love the warm tone – the doggy one is especially nice! I’ve been hit by the #VSCO bug too!

  3. ste

    Looking good Steve, I’m yet to be sold on the grain in lightroom but will be using these as a starting point to edit my next wedding. Would be interested to know your thoughts on whether or not this could be a long term time saver.

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