August 26, 2009 alan

U2 in Cardiff

As a music photographer I’m quite often asked what band I’d most like to photograph. There are only 2 bands that spring to mind immediately. One is Pearl Jam – my favourite band. I saw them last week in Manchester but never had a photo pass unfortunately. The second band is U2.

I grew up listening to U2 after hearing Live Under A Blood Red Sky and then being blown away by songs like Bad (still my favourite U2 song) and then The Joshua Tree. I even share my birthday with Bono!

I haven’t loved recent albums as much but U2 will always be an important band for me and so it was a privilege to be one of a handful of photographers accredited to shoot their gig on Saturday at Cardiff’s humungous Millennium Stadium along with 70,000 fans.

Here are a few pictures from the gig..

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  1. A M A Z I N G !

    Good work Stevie G, great captures. My favourite is the B&W of Adam and The Edge, very atmospheric.

    BB xxx

  2. Looks like it was fun… but my my my aren’t photographers put miles away from the band! No consideration from them, tut tut.

    Cool photos man.

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