August 2, 2008 alan

Trash The Dress on TV

Attention all brides!!

You may have heard of the mostly-American phenomenon called Trash The Dress where brides book a post-wedding photo shoot with the intention of creating some stunning images which may or may not damage the wedding dress (usually the dress just needs cleaning afterwards). “What a waste” people say, “to put a beautiful dress in the cupboard never to be seen again”.


Now a UK television company is looking for girls who have married in 2008 and want to trash the dress live on TV. If you’d like to get involved in the show please email [email protected] including a photo from your wedding, the date you got married, a contact number and any ideas you have for the Trash The Dress photo session.

If you’d rather do a session without the eyes of the world on you, feel free to email me to chat about your ideas.

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  1. Kelly

    This is a great idea! And the photos are beautifully shot! Definitely going to consider this when I get married!

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