April 24, 2011 Steve Gerrard

Tony & Nisha – A Preview

Tony was my Best Man at our wedding.

Yesterday he married Nisha.

Good times were had by all. Evelyne and I got home at 4am 🙂

Lots more to come but here’s a little sneak peek from Tony & Nisha’s ace wedding…

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  1. Paul Morgan

    Steve, great shots as always. How are you getting the sunlight to feature without ruining the overall exposure? With my new found limited knowledge I’m guessing small aperture and shutter at sync speed to reduce the direct light, with flash to fill it in…? No doubt that’s all wrong…

  2. steve

    No flash involved Paul, just try not to let too much sunshine hit the lens directly. And the aperture tends to be quite wide on most of my portraits.
    Hope that helps.

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