May 19, 2007 alan

To venture or not to venture…?

So the interview at Venture went well and the people who work at the studio all seem really nice so I’m sure it’d be a fun place to work. This was the first of 3 interviews before they decide who gets the job but after my first interview they decided they didn’t want to invite me for a second one. They want to go sraight to the third and final interview! So next week I get to spend 2 whole days seeing how the Venture studio works, assisting the photographers, checking out their post-production techniques and sitting in on a viewing with clients. For me it’s kind of similar to Dorothy seeing the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz.

After the interview I headed over to see my friend Toni’s sister who has an 8-week-old baby girl called Rosie. I spent 30 minutes or so getting some nice baby photos for my portfolio and, of course, for the proud parents. Rosie wasn’t exactly what you’d call a poser. In fact, she’s hardly even developed any expressions at all yet, so that limits what I can capture, but I got a few good images including those cute detail shots that moms love.
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From there I headed home and grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading to Coventry to meet Preeti & Kieran who were looking for a photographer for their wedding in July. We met in their local pub and showed them more of our wedding photographs as well as some album samples and they really liked what they saw. It’s a part-Asian wedding and Preeti has a ton of great ideas for the day so I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing wedding. I’ve never shot an Asian wedding either so I was really keen to get the job. Our standard albums start at 40 images and then couples have the option to buy more if they choose. Preeti was concerned that she would want many more images but couldn’t afford to buy hundreds for the album. It looked like, even though they loved our work and we got on well with them, the amount of images they’d get might lose us the job. We never give the images on disc to couples. It’s one of our rules and comes down to quality control. We’ve taken time to source the best printers, album manufacturers, framers etc that we can find and are very careful about how the final images are presented. If we give people images on disc, it’s out of our hands how those images are then used, which could end up damaging our reputation. On this occasion, however Evelyne and I agreed a compromise was acceptable as we were so keen to do the wedding. I also like the idea of having an Asian wedding in our portfolio. We agreed to offer them our usual package and throw in a CD of images for an extra price. They agreed and we got the job, so everyone’s happy. It’s the first and last time we’ll offer images on disc, but I’m pleased we made the decision this time.

Today we met another couple looking for a photographer for their wedding in 2008 and then arrived home to a message from Natalie, who we met on 3rd May, saying that she’d like to confirm us to photograph her wedding in September. Two wedding confirmations in one day! Fantastic news.

We then had a call from a girl called Amy who is looking for a photographer for her wedding in 3 weeks!!! Some people really do leave these things til last minute but ‘m not complaining. We’re meeting her on Monday. The only problem is that it’s the same weekend as the Download Festival so if we get the job, I’ll have to miss the Saturday there. We’ll see what happens…

So, all in all, a very successful couple of days and Evelyne & I are feeling very positive about things.

The Birmingham Hard Rock Cafe, where I often DJ Saturday nights, closed suddenly this week so tonight was my first Saturday night off this year. We opened a couple of beers, watched some TV and then listened to some of the new Biffy Clyro album, Puzzle, which is really good. I reckon we deserved a night off! 🙂

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