May 12, 2007 alan

The Wizards of Oz

What are they putting in the Australian water supplies these days? It’s becoming a regular occurence for me to discover yet another Aussie photographer creating stunning images from wedding photography. I’ve already mentioned Jerry Ghionis and Yervant here before but I’ve also been admiring the work of Martin Schembri and Marcus Bell. I’m just glad they don’t live near me cos I’d be intimidated trying to compete. Still, it’s great to have something to aspire to with wedding photography. Some people won’t even like that style but for me it’s pushing wedding photography forward and into an area where photographers can create exciting and creative images. It’s a long way from the wedding images of our parents’ generation that’s for sure.

So you can imagine I’m pretty excited about this coming Wednesday when I get to spend the day in the company of Yervant and American photographer Joe Buissink who are in the UK for a few seminars. I’m heading over to Telford for the day and expect to come back buzzing from their inspiration. It’s frustrating that I haven’t got more weddings booked in as I’m excited about taking my wedding photography to the next level.

Venture called back. Twice! The Worcester studio called and did a phone interview with me, which I think went well. Then the next day the Birmingham studio called to invite me in for an interview next Friday. Watch this space…

On the downside, circumstances meant I missed a great gig this week when The Bronx, Rise Against and Cancer Bats played Wolverhampton on Wednesday. No fuel in the car combined with no cash in my wallet combined with having to DJ later that evening meant that, even though I had a photo pass sorted, I never made it to the gig. I’ll try not to feel sorry for myself… 🙂

The new Rock Sound mag came out with my pictures of Bayside and Trivium, plus the new issue of Live 24-Seven is out now with my photos from the casino fashion shoot which I winged a couple of months back. I have to say the pictures look great, and very professional, which is amazing considering how out of my depth I felt on the day! Both magazines managed to get my name wrong, crediting me as Steven Gerrard and Stephen Gerrard rather than Steve. Kind of annoying but at least I’m credited.

Got the photos of Ginger from The Wildhearts off to Metal Hammer and I’m pretty much done with all the wedding photos from last week so it’s been a productive week. Tomorrow Evelyne has organised a bar-b-q birthday party for me, so obviously the weather forecast is for “heavy rain”! Never mind though, we’ll just have the party in the house and cook on the grill.

Here’s a couple of photos from last week..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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  1. Andrew

    Hi Steve
    thanks for sharing the blog on scoobynet. i have seen your website before but it’s great to read your diary and get a bit of a picture of the man behind the camera, if you pardon the pun. your photography is top drawer stuff and a real pleasure to see. keep it coming.

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