October 16, 2008 alan

The Melvins

Some bands become legendary and sell out stadiums. Others may still be playing small clubs well into their career but are no less legendary in the eyes of their fans. One such band are The Melvins and I got to spend some time with them recently in Nottingham to get some new photos for Rock Sound magazine. The band were a huge influence on bands such as Nirvana, Tool and Soundgarden and continue to do their own thing. Frontman Buzz was in a band with Kurt Cobain before Nirvana even formed and makes for a great portrait subject wit his crazy “Sideshow Bob”-style hair. Here are my fave photos from our session..

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  1. My favourite band of all time!
    Fantastic photos Steve, and you’re right a band can still be legendary and not have to sell out stadiums! Although I am looking forward to AC/DC

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