February 25, 2009 alan

The Lovely Miss Joss Stone

On Monday night I was lucky enough to be invited to photograph Joss Stone playing an intimate gig to around 200 people in the back room of a pub just a couple of minutes walk from our studio.

It’s always great seeing artists perform in tiny venues and Joss put on a great show. The pub was packed out and there was no pit for photographers so I had to squeeze through the crowd whilst apologizing politely in order to get the shots. Here are just a few of the lovely Miss Stone doing her thing…

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  1. Thrilled to see these shots of Joss Stone – I was at a small intimate gig she gave at Dartington last Friday and only got a few grab shots – I LOVE the one of her feet….brilliant! It was a great evening …..I thought the guy who was the backing singer was fantastic too. I wonder if you managed to get a shot of him? Rosie

  2. Gorgeous shots. I love number 2. I am so jealous of your life! Joss Stone would not play a gig within a couple of hours of here and I certainly would not be invited to photograph it.

  3. Dixon

    Steve–Really glad you made the effort you did.. If was indeed a night of many polite apologies for you whilst jockeying for position, it was worth it. The pictures are spectacular.

    So in return for all the “sorry’s”–for all the hard work, really–hope you’ll accept a sincere “thank you” from a big fan of hers who thinks you did a great job of capturing her rare passion, energy, and beauty in your images.


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