October 7, 2010 Steve Gerrard

The Kierney Family – Portrait Shoot in Dorset

We love booking family portrait sessions. They’re always great fun and I really enjoy this kind of photography. The Kierney family shoot was a little special though as I will be shooting Helen & Andy’s wedding next year so I’ll get to see all these good people again 🙂

Andy’s parents live in Christchurch in Dorset, so we arranged to meet there and head out towards the beach for the shoot. It’s a long drive from Birmingham but I always love being near the ocean so I was looking forward to it.

And the weather changed!!

The clouds came in and, shortly after we started the session, the rain began to fall 🙁 But we persevered!! You’d hardly know it from the photos but we were battling rain and blustering winds. I’m still happy with the results though. See what you think…

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  1. lovely images steve – this place is near me (highcliffe castle) and i love how you’ve captured it!

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