March 28, 2008 alan

The Keys To The Future

It’s an exciting time at the moment for Steve Gerrard Photography as we have just been given the keys to our new studio in the Custard Factory in the Digbeth area of Birmingham. We plan to use the space not to take photos (I always work on location) but as an office, a gallery and a comfortable place to meet clients. Up until now our office has been based at our home in Great Barr but it’s time for us to move onto bigger and better things, as well as separating home and work life a little more. As you can see below the space has some work to be done before it looks how we envision it but we’re looking forward to making it our own over the next few weeks. I’ll be updating this blog as we go… We’re looking for paint today.


This weekend I’m gonna be on the telly again which is always equally exciting and worrying. Luckily I’ve already seen the programme and it’s nothing too embarrassing. It’s called Mobile Act Unsigned and is on Channel 4 at 9:30 Sunday morning. The show follows the band Envy & Other Sins as they go through the process of recording their first album, along with promo videos, interviews and, of course, a photo shoot. Set your Sky+!

Here are some photos that I took a few days ago for a hairdressers in Walsall…


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  1. Bianca

    The studio/show room looks awsome Steve. I can’t wait to come and have a visit! I wish you and Evelyne all the luck in the world with this next step in your business B x

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