July 30, 2009 alan

The Importance of Family (Photos)

I’m not sure I’ve ever written a post all about another photographer’s blog before. But this is no ordinary blog post I’m talking about…

There are quite a few photographers whose blogs I check occasionally. There are about 6 or 7 I read every few days. One of those is Amelia Lyon. Over the past couple of years Amelia’s photography has inspired and amazed me. She has a way of creating images which truly capture something about a person’s character and their relationship with those around them. Her wedding photography is outstanding and the pictures she posts of her kids are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

This week she posted about her Dad who passed away on the 19th of July. The post is just beautifully written and if it doesn’t move you I can only assume you are made of wood! It’s a brave and honest post which not only tells the reader so much about Amelia and her father but will undoubtedly make you think deeply about your own family. It also perfectly demonstrates the power and importance of family photos. It doesn’t matter if those photos are taken with an SLR or a mobile phone, all that matters is that we preserve those moments we share with those that matter the most to us.

So, I hope that you’ll take a few minutes from your day to read Amelia’s blog post about her Dad and maybe take a few more photos of your family this weekend. I also want to thank Amelia for sharing her beautiful images.


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  1. Phew! Steve…that’s quite something. The importance of families, the importance of memories…. .special photographs really are something to treasure – they are something to cling on to. Amelia writes/speaks straight from the heart…it certainly is a very moving tribute – thank you for sending the link.

  2. Amelia’s post made me cry so much that I couldn’t find the words to leave her a comment that day.
    Your words here are perfect.

    We need our double family shoot off in the diary soon! x

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