July 27, 2011 Steve Gerrard

The Gerrard Boys

Today is Jonas’ first birthday.

A year ago this happened….

And then, yesterday, Jonas took his first real steps! 🙂

He’s growing fast. He’s an adventurer. He’s fearless. He’s a smiler. He’s super-chilled. We love him to pieces!

On Sunday, I took the 3 boys up to Chester to visit their new cousin. My youngest brother, Richard, and his girlfriend, Tina, had a baby last week. Say hello to Connor…

We also spent time with my brother’s two older boys, Lewis & Billy.

I’m sure Elliott has a future in modelling… 🙂

Isaac, on the other hand…

They’re good kids. Sometimes!

Lewis catches some air…

One thing all these boys have in Common is that they’re all Gerrards.

So… Welcome to the world, Connor.

And a big Happy 1st Birthday to my little boy, Jonas 🙂

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  1. I can’t believe it’s a year ago that I saw that video! whoa! You and Evelyne must be so proud, they are such gorgeous kids 😀

  2. Fanni

    Too darn cute!! A big family of boys! Happy birthday to lil Jonas Hope you all have a wonderful day xx

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