February 6, 2015 Steve Gerrard

Siobhan + Stuart – The Caves Edinburgh Wedding


Being in Edinburgh around Christmas time feels pretty magical. The history of the city mixed with the Christmas lights and the Scots’ ability to out-celebrate most other nationalities really gives it an old school festive feel.

I flew up to Edinburgh a day ahead of Siobhan & Stuart’s wedding at The Caves, a unique and very cool venue in the heart of the city. We met for drinks the night before. “I’ll just come for one and then get an early night”….. Famous last words!

The wedding day was itself was all about family, friends and celebrating the fact that these two lovely people had found the perfect sidekick to travel through life with.

I wish Siobhan & Stuart happy travels and plenty of adventure as they continue their journey together. As the sign says, “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost”.

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