February 20, 2015 Steve Gerrard

Swans @ The National in Montreal

Swans National Montreal

When I turned up at The National last night, to shoot experimental rock band Swans, I was given my photo pass and told I could only shoot the first song. Seeing my disappointment, the guy on the desk added “don’t worry, the first song is 20 minutes long”!

Swans have a reputation for being loud. And they lived up to that reputation last night. Even with my earplugs in, I woke this morning with ringing in my ears!

I was shooting the show for Exclaim! magazine. My third show in Montreal for them now.
There was no pit for photographers, which always makes things trickier, but I managed to get close to the stage and get some decent photos. I think so anyway.

I had a drink with my pal Jason but didn’t stay for the whole show. They’re really good at what they do but I couldn’t get excited about the gig I’m afraid.

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