February 3, 2011 Steve Gerrard

Sthar & Andar – A Wedding in Chipping Campden

Sthar & Andar just returned from a 3 week honeymoon. When I asked them how it was, they described it as “eventful” before going on to explain that they got caught up in the recent flooding in Queensland, Australia! Yikes! Luckily they made it home safely and, this evening, came in to see their wedding photos at our studio.

Their wedding took place at The Kings Hotel in Chipping Campden in The Cotswolds just after Christmas. It was a fantastic wedding in a gorgeous location. I even knew a few of the guests on the day.

The heavy snow from over the Christmas period was just beginning to melt and there was a very romantic wintery vibe to the day. Sthar looked amazing and Andar scrubbed up pretty well too.

I was assisted on the day by Graeme Braidwood. Thanks for your help Graeme.

Congratulations to Sthar & Andar on their wedding. So glad we got to share such a great day with you and your guests…

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  1. Absolutely beautiful photos! All the girls in the office absolutely LOVE the dress and headpiece. The bride looks stunnning – especially the picture where she;s holding up her white veil and the picture of the two with light behind them. beautiful

  2. More fabulous photos than they may know what to do with. Wow. While I would never swear off the dynamic go-go forward-looking nature of American cities (none more than Vegas), I do envy the photographer who gets to use the texture and tradition and utter gorgeousness of Europe as their backdrop. But I suspect you could make gorgeous anyplace you’re set down. Strikingly engagingly great work!

  3. Theses are amazing, what a fabulous wedding you guys had! Sthar you look amazing, Jenny packham would be so proud. 🙂 Can you do it again so I can come ?

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