January 10, 2018 Steve Gerrard

So… That was 2017!

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The year they called 2017 was significant for myself and my family. It marked ten years of marriage for Evelyne and me, as well as ten years since we became parents. It was also ten years since the beginning of Steve Gerrard Photography. And much has changed in that decade!

2017 a little less hectic than the previous couple of years for me but certainly no less fun. I shot a lot more weddings around Montreal and Quebec in 2017 but also got to shoot lots more weddings in the UK, Italy, Mexico and Vegas. I did more family sessions than I’ve ever done in one year, most of those in England, and shot plenty more concerts and band portraits.

I photographed a couple of my favourite weddings ever and ended the year with more friends than I started it with as a result. Every single wedding was completely unique. One of the main things I love about shooting weddings is that no two are the same, and every one is all about the people and their connection to each other.

When I began choosing my favourite images of 2017 I was aiming to show the variety of photography I do. Documentary, portraits, concerts…. they all have one thing in common though. People. I love photographing people. Maybe they’re up on a stage screaming their heart out or maybe they’re committing to the most important human being they will meet during their time on Earth. Maybe they’re just hanging out with their kids in the park or maybe they simply wanna look cool! I love it all and am grateful for every year I get to indulge my passion for photography.

I began planning this post with 224 images. Evelyne is the one person I trust to give me honest feedback to enable me to see past my personal connection to the photos and she acts as my personal editor. I aimed for 100 images. I went slightly over but I hope you can make it to the end of the post.

I’m genuinely excited to get stuck into 2018. There’s plenty to look forward to, including more travel to the UK, Mexico and more. I have 3 workshops planned for the first part of the year and they’re always great fun. And I have a great variety of weddings that I can’t wait to document for my couples.

I wish everyone taking time to read this and check out my photography a truly amazing, healthy and happy New Year.


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To all those people who put their trust in me to make photographs for them….. THANK YOU!
I am truly humbled and grateful.

Check out my Journal post about my favourite music of 2017 and why I’m changing how I listen to albums in 2018.

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I'm a wedding & portrait photographer based in Montreal, Quebec but also a destination wedding photographer. Originally from the UK, I've been shooting weddings for over ten years and have shot at all kinds of locations and wedding reception venues.

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  1. I look forward to your round up every year Steve! That mix of bands and weddings gives off a unique energy that I love to scroll through. The only down side is every year I feel older as I recognise fewer and fewer bands (I basically only got Biffy, Kraftwerk, arcade fire and maybe Sting?????) Always inspiring my man…hope to see you soon x

  2. Sam

    Really enjoyed looking through that Steve!! Absolutely brilliant. So much colour and energy and soul x

  3. Loads of epicness in there dude! Bold and beautiful – too many corkers to list but the couple shot on the triangular bit of land by the sea is one that stuck in my mind all year. loving that beaut of a sunset silhouette too! Have an epic 2018 dude! ;O)

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