April 11, 2009 alan

Sophie's Choice

Say hi to Sophie. As you read this she will be somewhere on the other side of the world during an 18 month trip around the globe, taking in America, Australia and Asia along the way. She had planned this trip a long time ago. And then she met a man!

Her new boyfriend knew how important travel was to Sophie and agreed that she should stick to her plans and see the world, even though he wouldn’t be able to join her. Good guy!

As a surprise gift Sophie decided to have a calendar made for him – each month being a new picture of his girl. So one afternoon we headed out to capture some great images and later I had the calendar made ready for her little present. It’s such a cool idea and I hope having those photos makes the time pass a little quicker.

Here are some of my faves…

If you get to see this while you’re traveling, Sophie, I hope you’re having a fantastic time. Take care of yourself. And make sure you visit Vietnam! 😉

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