July 30, 2008 alan

Slaves To Gravity

I just returned from photographing a gig for Rock Sound magazine featuring a great new band from London called Slaves To Gravity. After the gig I asked the band if I could take a few photos of them in the car park behind the venue and they were good enough to oblige. Here’s just one photo from the shoot..


Slaves To Gravity are all set to tour Japan and the US next and look set for big things. Check out their MySpace page for more.

Today has been a great day. Elliott was back in nursery so Evelyne spent the day in the studio helping me get some stuff organised (she’s more organised than me by far!). We also met Steve & Steph about shooting their wedding in New York in December. I look forward to every wedding but that’s gonna be something special. Can’t wait! We also FINALLY got a fridge and kettle in the studio so now I can make myself (and anyone else who visits) a cup of tea whenever I like. Bliss!

Today we also had another wedding confirmation for 2009 when James called to say he and Lorraine would like us to cover their wedding at Cotswold House in Gloucestershire. It looks like a great venue. James emailed to say “After seeing your work and meeting with you it really was the easiest decision we’ve had to make in all of the planning.” I have a feeling we’re gonna get on just fine 🙂

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