December 16, 2008 alan

Sir Cliff!

Ok, so this blog post is dedicated to my mom 🙂

When I was a kid I remember saving my pocket money and going into town to buy the Cliff Richard album “Wired For Sound” for my mom’s birthday. Another time I was in Manchester with some friends and we camped out for Slayer tickets (on the Reign In Blood tour). About an hour before the box office opened we were joined by lots and lots of excited housewives. Not your typical Slayer fans! Turns out Cliff Richard tickets went on sale the same day. As we were already at the font of the queue I got my mom the best Cliff tickets in the house! My dad went with her. Sorry Dad!

Fast forward two decades and I find myself photographing Cliff’s 50th Anniversary Tour at Birmingham NIA for Birmingham Live! This time my mom was in Spain so I couldn’t sneak her in. Sorry Mom!

So here are just a few photos of Cliff for my mom…

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