April 30, 2007 alan

Shots in Serbia

It’s the shots that do it every time.
I can drink beer or Jack Daniel’s all night long and stay relatively in control but as soon as somebody gives me shots, which i don’t even like, it all goes pear-shaped. And so it was this weekend in Serbia. The gig was great. A festival somewhere in the
woods in the middle of nowhere and the crowd were well up for it. Friendly people and a great atmosphere. It was only after I’d played that people offered me a couple of shots. Normally I just say no thanks but for some reason this time I indulged. I woke on Sunday morning wondering quite how the Saturday night ended and feeling very much the worse for wear. Not great when you have a long journey home to undertake.

Watched the entire first season of Love My Way on the way back and it’s a great programme. Funny yet very dramatic and quite dark in places. No wonder it won so many awards in its native Australia.

Arrived home to this email from a gormless football fan…
“please just i like to inform u that i like u very much & iam very interrested to watch u when u are playing football because u are the best in my obinion , so keep in touch if there is no opjection for u . i like u very much steve .
finally i wish for u and your family ahappy life .
sincerely yours,,,,,

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