November 25, 2013 Steve Gerrard

Shelly Quarmby – Portrait Photography



Portraits of musicians can take on many forms. Some bands like the gritty, urban look. Others are after something surreal or other-worldly. Many have no idea what they want and will leave it to me to do what I think suits them best.

For Shelly Quarmby we opted for the soft, natural look which perfectly matches not only her music, but her personality and style too. She’s a huge Sarah McLachlan fan and a talented singer and keyboard player who has played in Canada & the US but calls the Midlands home.

She’s also lovely. And quite easy on the eye. Makes my job kinda easy 🙂

These photos were taken in and around her home earlier this month.

2013-11-25_0002 2013-11-25_0003 2013-11-25_0004 2013-11-25_0005 2013-11-25_0006

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