February 21, 2010 alan

Shelley & Daniel – Married at Packington Moor Farm


Ok, let’s get it out of the way…. Shelley & Daniel are fab!

One of our fave wedding venues. Check.
Bring the dog to the wedding. Check.
Family & friends up for a laugh and making us feel totally welcome. Check.
Totally cool, easy-going, friendly couple. Check!
Bride’s dad singing The Backstreet Boys… see below…


They got married at a church in Hammerwich and we were told “NO PHOTOGRAPHS DURING THE SERVICE” by the vicar. Grrrrrr!!

We like to break the rules (with the help of long lenses) 😉


Great cake. Check.


An entourage of groomsmen. Check.


Ian Stuart dress. Check.


Shelley’s dad gave a great speech..


…and scored pretty well!


The evening reception was great fun. The band were rockin’ and both the bride and groom got on the mic..


But the crowning glory came when, at 11pm, the bride’s Dad insisted the DJ play “Backstreet’s Back” by the Backstreet Boys, to which he knew every word and even a few choice dance moves!


“Everybody…. yeah yeah”


We even convinced them to brave freezing temperatures so that we could get this one…


As you can tell, this was the kind of wedding we love being involved with. Just great fun 🙂

We’ll be posting their Fun Booth photos here soon too so watch this space….

Thanks to the lovely Anna for helping me out on the day again and thanks and big congrats to Shelley & Daniel for having us along to such a great day.


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Comments (11)

  1. Wonderful set of pictures. Thank goodness you managed to get some shots in the church despite the “photo ban”. Such a difficult situation as you know that one of the guests will be taking pictures. Love the wedding cake and the whole atmosphere of the wedding. And they seem such a fun couple!

  2. steve

    Hey Rosie/Chris 🙂
    It’s a long exposure, tripod shot. The “stars” were made using hand-held speedlights although the top “star” is actually the moon 🙂

  3. Roy

    I am going to recommend your work to my fellow BSB group members, from the sixth Backstreet Boy!

  4. amazing photos shelley looks stunning should be on the front of vogue, thanks for making it a special day for them steve

  5. Dani Crawford

    Wonderful day Wonderful pictures!!!! The pictures captured the great atmosphere of the day. Congratulations again to Mr & Mrs Simmonds, and Thank you for a fantastic day!

    P.S. Cant wait to see Fun Booth pics.

  6. louise Stephens

    The pictures are beautiful shelly looks like you had a really good day,loved the pic of you both outside with the flashing lights, congratulations Mr and Mrs simmonds x

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