October 15, 2015 Steve Gerrard

Scott + Angus – Reykjavik, Iceland


As a wedding photographer, this job often takes me many places away from Montreal. This year alone I’ve been lucky enough to shoot in Italy, Croatia, the UK, South Africa and, thanks to these two lovely guys, I travelled to Iceland for the first time.

Scott & Angus live in Hong Kong but planned an epic wedding adventure to Iceland. Those photos will be here soon enough, but for now, here are a few photos I took on the day we met, in and around Iceland’s capital city…

iceland-wedding-photographer_0660 iceland-wedding-photographer_0661 iceland-wedding-photographer_0662 iceland-wedding-photographer_0663 iceland-wedding-photographer_0664 iceland-wedding-photographer_0665 iceland-wedding-photographer_0666 iceland-wedding-photographer_0667 iceland-wedding-photographer_0668 iceland-wedding-photographer_0669

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  1. Love these! Really amazing…..think the silhouette + reflection has to be my favourite but love them all! Can’t wait to see the wedding pics! (hope you’re going to put the SA ones up too!)

  2. Adam

    Fantastic pictures – you’ve really captured the beauty of rekjavik and an amazing couple !

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