September 1, 2009 alan

Sarah & Tim – Engagement Shoot in Digbeth

This coming Saturday I will be heading up to The Ashes in Endon near Stoke-On-Trent for Sarah & Tim’s wedding. I’ve been secretly looking forward to this one more than most. Sometimes I just get a feeling it’s going to be an amazing wedding, especially when the couple is totally on my wavelength like they are.

For their engagement shoot Sarah & Tim decided to meet us at the studio and head out onto the streets of Digbeth and see what we could find. Sounded good to me but I didn’t want to use any of the areas I’ve used before so we wandered slightly further afield and discovered areas of Digbeth I’d never even seen before, all just minutes from my studio. We came back with some of my favourite images yet. Check ’em out…

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  1. First time seeing your work – amazing stuff.
    How do you get such great colours?
    I’ve just bought my first Digi SLR after working with a Pentax ME super for so long!
    Just a hobby mind – nothing too serious… yet.

  2. Tim

    Hi Steve, a belated thanks for these fantastic images.
    We had a great afternoon that day and an even better wedding with you on the 5th.
    Thanks so much for your time and patience and if the final results are anything like the images above we’ll be over the moon.

    Tim & Sarah

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