April 11, 2016 Steve Gerrard

Rihanna @ Montreal Bell Centre


Thursday night saw me arrive back into Montreal after a week in the UK. After spending over an hour on the runway due to the weather I finally met up with Evelyne and surprised her with tickets to see Rihanna that night at the Bell Centre.

On top of that, my old friend Mike was working the tour doing Rihanna’s sound and kindly gave us the backstage tour before handing us tickets for the 6th row!

I took along my new Fuji X100T, purchased from Mr Ross Harvey, as although no photo passes were granted for this show, smaller fixed-lens cameras are permitted.

Most of these images are cropped from the original but the quality’s still pretty great, wouldn’t you agree?

montreal-rihanna-bell-centre_0492 montreal-rihanna-bell-centre_0493 montreal-rihanna-bell-centre_0494

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