November 3, 2010 Steve Gerrard

Queensberry Albums – Hand Crafted…

We now use Queensberry albums exclusively for all our wedding clients. We tell them they’re the best in the world. And we believe that.

When an album arrives at our studio from Queensberry, all the way over in New Zealand, we know when we open the box that we’re gonna love what’s inside. And we know that when clients take them away to share with family and friends that it’s going to be something they’re proud to show off.

This week has been our busiest ever with album orders as we worked to meet the deadline to guarantee albums for Christmas.

Here’s a video that shows why Queensberry albums are all one of a kind. The music is by one of my faves too, Amy Seeley.

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  1. So Want to get married again to have first have your lovely photo’s Steve and a lovely Queensbury album maybe one day when I can convince my husband to have a blessings lol. Such lovely albums can’t wait to order my first one for a customer


  2. My Father makes saddles and bridlework for ‘osses. There’s a number of leatherworking techniques and tools that I recognise myself in that video. It’s art IMHO.

  3. Elesha

    We LOVE our Queensberry Album, and after seeing this video we do even more. It’s great to know that as much thought and care goes into the design and production of the albums, as the wedding itself 🙂

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