October 13, 2010 Steve Gerrard

Powderfinger + Bob Evans – Live In Birmingham

Those of you that follow me on Twitter or Facebook will know that I am currently in the good ol’ US of A to shoot a wedding in Las Vegas. The wedding is today and I’m just a little excited about what lies ahead…

I didn’t want to neglect my blog while I’m travelling though so will have a couple of things up here before I return, beginning with Powderfinger.

Some of you will know and love Powderfinger. Most have probably never heard of them. They play arenas in their home country, Australia, but never really broke through overseas and this year have decided to disband after 21 years together. I’m a big fan and got to photograph them at their last ever UK gig in Birmingham, supported by the fantastic Bob Evans.

Check out their video with special guest, Missy Higgins and that guy from Jet…

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  1. sOOz

    Fantastic pics Steve!! Like being back in the front row again!!
    I wish they would come back, but it is not to be…at least not together.
    Powderfinger rock!! Thanks for sharing:)

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