September 28, 2017 Steve Gerrard

Pixies @ MTelus in Montreal

pixies montreal mtelus

I have to admit, it seems weird that last night was my first time ever seeing the Pixies.

I’ve been an alternative rock fan most of my life and have seen thousands of bands live. Surely I should’ve seen this band decades ago! But no, this was my first time. And I got to photograph them too!

I was shooting the show for Montreal Rocks and you can see the full review alongside my images HERE

Evelyne came to the show with me and we made a night of it. I usually only get to shoot the first three songs, and last night was no different. So after that I enjoyed the amazing show with my wife. Where Is My Mind (you’ll know it from Fight Club) is one of her favourite songs. Wave Of Mutilation is one of mine.

This was my first time back at the venue I know as Metropolis, refurbished and renamed under the terrible monicker MTelus. Yes, it’s a corporate sponsorship thing! It’s still my favourite venue in Montreal though and seeing the Pixies in a relatively small room was an absolute treat. They managed to play 33 songs too. 33! Some I didn’t even know, but when they played the opening chords of classics like Debaser or Monkey Gone To Heaven I couldn’t get the smile from my face.

Here are a few photos from last night’s gig…

pixies montreal metropolis
pixies montreal mtelus photos
pixies montreal photos
pixies photos mtelus

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