March 10, 2010 alan

Peter Andre @ Birmingham Symphony Hall


Ok, so let’s get one thing straight…

My music taste is extremely varied. I love my punk & metal. I love mellow singer-songwriters. I used to be a house DJ and I listen to some pop music too. I’ve seen Michael Jackson, Madonna, Kylie & Prince live but my musical tastes do not reach as far as Peter Andre! Sorry Pete.

I do think he’s a genuinely nice guy though and he’s obviously a major celebrity, at least in the UK. So when I got the chance to photograph his Birmingham gig this week, I was happy to do so. I only got 2 songs to do my thing but managed to get a few good shots…

This is Pete’s brother, Michael Andre who acted as warm-up DJ and did a good job too.


And then the screams were deafening as Pete appeared… The audience was predictably 98% female!


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Comments (7)

  1. Shelley

    I can’t believe that our wedding photography has photographed “Peter Andre” Oh I feel soooooo special!!! Great pic’s though and no it isn’t wrong to fancy him … but as long as it is only a little bit though haha!!

  2. Love the pictures dude.

    His music isn’t to my taste, but if his public persona, fatherly-nature and work-rate is to be believed (and I see no-reason why it shouldn’t be), then he is alright by me.


  3. I picked the wrong side that night.. everything he did was geared up to stage left… Never mind. There’s always the arena tour where we’ll probably be shooting from the same location.. mixer. 😉

    Lovely shots Steve – especially the eye contact one with halo… Lighting was pretty poor though, in general, don’t you think?


  4. BUGGER!… I titalloy forgot, was lined up for the London show!!!… Damn it all..

    ohh ohhh ohhhh… MIS TEAR EEE US GIRL… I wann.. oh, actually..

    Yes, Goodnight!

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