July 7, 2010 alan

Pearl Jam – Belfast Odyssey Arena


People often ask me if there’s one band that I want to photograph more than any other. My answer never changes – Pearl Jam.

Pearl Jam have been my favourite band for almost twenty years now, ever since I first saw the Alive video on MTV. Before that I was a Mother Love Bone fan too.

I was one of around 250 people who saw Pearl Jam’s first ever UK gig at the Esplanade Club in Southend in February 1992. I saw them three times on that tour and have seen them several times since then.

And until a couple of weeks ago I’d never photographed them. But now I have 🙂

Thanks to my friend Ramsey Cardy I was lucky enough to shoot them at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast on 23rd June. Two days later I shot them again in Hyde Park… Those photos will be here soon.

First though, a selection of images of my first ever Pearl Jam shoot 🙂


Thanks to Ramsey for helping me arrange the pass.

Here’s the set list from the gig for anyone who’s interested:

  1. Sometimes
  2. Do The Evolution
  3. Animal
  4. The Fixer
  5. Tremor Christ
  6. Low Light
  7. Even Flow
  8. Unthought Known
  9. No Way
  10. Insignificance
  11. Present Tense
  12. Daughter
  13. Got Some
  14. Save You
  15. Given To Fly
  16. Black
  17. Rearviewmirror
  18. Just Breathe
  19. Amongst The Waves
  20. State Of Love And Trust
  21. Wasted Reprise
  22. Better Man
  23. Jeremy
  24. Leash
  25. Crazy Mary (Victoria Williams cover)
  26. Alive
  27. Yellow Ledbetter
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Comments (16)

  1. Hey Steve, some great photos there congrats! My fav band as well looks like it was a great gig to from the set list.
    Well done

  2. JUST ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! This gig is very special to me and you captured it with its heart and soul!
    Thank you for these kickass photos…

  3. We came all the way from Germany to see this gig and you captured it very well! Amazing pictures… they should hire you as their official photographer, your concert pictures are great – not just the Pearl Jam ones!

    I’m excited to see London, too!

  4. Simon

    Great shots Steve, what a buzz it must have been…I’ve been a big fan since Ten was just released in America, my mate from Houston was playing it 24/7 when I was over there for a holiday. I once saw them play in a field 10 miles from my house (Leeds Festival 06?), defo the most memorable gig of my life. I got a free ticket, too, just to top off a yorkshireman’s dream day!

  5. Jay Neilly

    Hi Steve, I was at this concert, and it’s probably one of my favourite gigs of all time! Incredible atmosphere! I was wondering if any of these pics are for sale to Joe Public? I love the first b/w image with Eddie screaming his lungs out (145) and the close-up colour (233). Is is possible to buy a print or a digital file? I’m putting together a wall of gigs and don’t have any shots of this concert! (They actually took the ticket off me when we went in which is even more frustrating! lol)
    Thanks Steve,

  6. Tim

    Im looking for a pearl jam print I can frame. Are all of these your prints or do you have more.

    • steve

      I have images from Belfast, Hyde Park plus Manchester this year which I’ll be blogging soon.

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