January 18, 2011 Steve Gerrard

Pearl & Hardeep – A London Engagement Shoot

Say hi to Pearl & Hardeep. We met them when we photographed their friends Purdeep & Beney’s wedding in 2009.

In 2010 Pearl emailed me asking about doing an engagement session in London ahead of their wedding in Singapore which happened right before New Year.

The date we chose happened to clash with the student protests in London, causing the traffic in the city to be even worse than usual. I was 2 hours late for the shoot! Not a good start. Things improved quickly though as Pearl & Hardeep are two of the friendliest people you could meet and we had fun roaming the London streets, from Tower Bridge to Shoreditch. We even kept shooting after dark, which was a novelty for me.

Congrats to Pearl & Hardeep on their marriage. I heard it was an amazing wedding.

Here are some of my fave images from our shoot.

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  1. Not at all jelous of Pearl’s divine wardrobe…love her vintage dress against the urban setting. Great shots as ever Steve!

  2. Hardeep

    Thanks very much Steve for these fantastic pictures.

    As mentioned in the notes, it wasn’t the most ideal shoot, but there are still some great pics in there – I particularly like the last photo!

    And thanks to other commenters – Pearl will love to hear that her wardrobe is getting much love!

  3. Awesome Steve, these are really cool. I love the backlit frame three images in especially. She also has a killer outfit, which helps!

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