March 23, 2009 alan

Paul Robinson – West Bromwich Albion

Ok ok, I know I’ve been a bad blogger the past week or two. Sorry! In my defence (no pun intended with the images here) I’ve had the busiest week ever with photo shoots and the launch of Bridal Soup. In the past week I have photographed the relaunch of a hi-end salon, a footballer (see images here), a portrait session, an on-the-road report with Gojira, a great wedding and around 120 independent stores around Birmingham city centre with their owner/manager for a new promotional campaign by Retail Birmingham. I managed to almost take a full day off for Mother’s Day but now I’m back in the studio with loads of great images to go through. 

On Tuesday I drove over to Stratford-Upon-Avon to meet with West Bromwich Albion defender, Paul Robinson for a portrait session for The Players’ Lounge magazine. Paul said he had a double-take when he saw the name of the photographer he was meeting but was happy it was me shooting this time, not the other Steven Gerrard!

Paul was a lovely guy (his wife had a new baby just 11 days before  met him too) and we quickly got some great, relaxed portraits for the mag. He are some of my faves…

Being in Stratford, we just had to use some of the historic buildings as locations. Hopefully I’ll be doing a shoot for a bridal boutique here soon and I can’t wait!

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  1. Elesha

    Great pictures Steve – of one of my favourite players, Robbo you’re a right poser! Boing Boing and all that! x

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