January 11, 2016 Steve Gerrard

Patrick Watson @ Montreal Metropolis


So first, a little story….

We took the kids to our local Christmas parade in December. Once Santa had been and gone we took the boys to the park to climb and play on the swings and slides. While we were there another guy, there with his little boy, started chatting to us. As the short conversation unfolded he told us he was in a band. “What’s the band called?” I asked. “The Patrick Watson Band” was the reply. Turns out we were chatting with Patrick Watson himself.

Less than two weeks later we were inside my favourite Montreal venue to see the man in action and we were not disappointed. You can see my full review on the Montreal Rocks site (Snippet – “Patrick Watson may draw comparisons as wide ranging as Jeff Buckley and Pink Floyd but in reality there’s nobody quite like him. He’s forging his own path and, now that he’s won over Montreal, we can only hope that the rest of the world will be next”) but here are a few of my favourite photos I took that night…


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  1. Susana vera

    Hello Steve
    I am the Tailor/ costumer who made Patrick Watsons pants and the “light suits”. Can I please purchase copies of these photos for my portfolio?

    Thank you,

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