March 4, 2007 alan


Oh La La. Talk about a stressful start to the proceedings!
Our Paris trip went a bit pear shaped Tuesday morning after we slept through the alarm and woke up less than an hour before take off. Doh! There was no way we could make the flight in time so we ended up having to take the next flight that afternoon at an extra cost of over £300! Bastards!
Still, we got there in the end and had a fantastic 3 nights in Paris taking in the sites from up the Eiffel Tower, strolling the banks of the Seine, visiting Jim Morrison’s grave, viewing the Mona Lisa, having a creme brulee in Amelie’s cafe from the movie, admiring the architecture and design of Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur and just finding time to relax and enjoy some quality time away from home. And of course, I took plenty of photographs.
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We also managed to discover probably the worst food we’ve ever had the misfortune to be served in a restaurant. And this is France – a country famous for cuisine! Both Evelyne and I refused to eat the meals we were given and had to leave and find food elsewhere.

Back home we’ve been playing catch-up with messages and listing on eBay (we really do have a ton of stuff to sell!), but I made it out in the rain on Friday night to join Bianca in Tamworth to photograph one of my favourite new bands, The Ghost Of A Thousand. The turnout at the gig was embarrassing. Maybe 30 people and half of those stayed sat at the back of the hall. The band, however, still gave it their all and Bianca and I got some great shots. The manager even invited us behind the stage to photograph the drummer. Trust me, this band are heading for big things.

Tonight is a band I’ve been wanting to photograph since I started shooting live music… NINE INCH NAILS. Bring it on!

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  1. meggie

    Since you’re catching up on messages and all that, i won’t make this important and you can ignore it for now.

    I’m glad you had a pretty good trip where most of the things you had or did were great.
    As for the NIN, that’s too cool man. It must be nice to be able to photograph an awesome band that you’ve wanted to photograph forever.

    good luck with that. ciao!

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